100 Days of Code

Jan 5, 2016 - # of words: 219

What is it?

This challenge created by Alexander Kallaway. For 100 days you have to code for at least 1 hour. This is perfect because the only way to improve is to practice it consistently. Besides just keeping your coding skills sharp and improving it also helps with networking and Github. First, you keep a log of each day on Github, and it looks nice to have a hundred day streak on Github! Secondly, with every log you have to tweet your update under #100daysofcode on Twitter, which helps with networking and meeting other devs that are at the same part of their journey.

My Goals

April 15, 2017. That is the day my 100 day challenge will be over. My primary goal is to finish my capstone at Bloc which ends on April 4th (perfect timing). The project is in the planning stages right now, and I’m excited about how it’s shaping up. It’s the biggest project I’ve tackled so far as it combines both Rails and AngularJS. It’s making me think about how to structure an application and how everything needs to be connected. It’s one of the joys of this industry is you’re always learning something!

And if I have extra time I will try my best to keep making progress with FreeCodeCamp.