New Year, New Career?

Dec 24, 2016 - # of words: 529

I just launched this site, so I’m sure this “Merry Christmas” will go out to an empty crowd, but it still feels like the right thing to do. After all the wrapping paper is packed into giant bags, and you’re bored with your latest toy comes the New Year and a chance to start fresh. At least that feeling lasts about one week and dissipates as quickly as your love of Christmas trinkets. This post is not going to be filled with self-help mumbo jumbo though; It’s what I’ve planned to do in this upcoming weeks and months. This plan is already in motion, and I’m not waiting until the magical 01/01 to start.

The Plan

the plan

All of these items are worth credit at WGU and will help me get accepted into the college. I do have another plan where I do the Udacity Front End instead of Data Analyst, but that nanodegree does not transfer in. It’s a balance between what will give me the most bang for my buck. I’ve contacted WGU asking if my experience at Bloc could give me any CUs (fingers crossed).


The first item will be Tech901 class to get my Comptia A+ certification. The class starts in January and runs through March. I’m not going to use my Comptia A+ to, actively search for a job and it’s mostly for the CUs at WGU (8 CUs). There is a possibility of meeting some people in the local tech scene, and it might be a great networking chance.


Udacity is something I haven’t decided on yet and depends on the answer I receive from WGU. With Data Analyst I open up another career opportunity, and I like numbers, but with Front End, I can reinforce the things I’ve learned at Bloc. The decision will become clearer after Bloc is finished and hear back from WGU.


I’ll need to complete four classes with SL. English 102 is almost completed, with only two essays left to finish. After that comes math, science, and a humanities course. In a perfect world, this should only take me two months to complete if I put a good amount of time into it.


All the things above lead to this. Even if I find a job before I get to this point, I will still pursue a degree. Not just for career advancement but for a love of what I do. I have a lot of plans after this, but that’s years in the future. I’m sure I’ll write a blog when the time comes and maybe there will be a few more readers.

The End

So, this isn’t a 2017 plan as it will take me four years to complete (aiming to get a degree before I’m 30). Most of that time will be with WGU as I hope to complete Tech901, Udacity and SL before June. That is a pretty aggressive goal, but I know it’s possible. In conclusion, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas/Happy New Year, and I’m off to watch the Packers #GoPackGo!