How I Became an A+

Mar 4, 2017 - # of words: 240

Passing the CompTIA A+ exams was the first big hurdle for this year, and I finished it ahead of schedule. That gives me four full weeks to work on my Bloc capstone after neglecting it significantly the past two months. I’m very grateful I was able to find, and if you are in the Memphis area I highly recommend checking them out!

To go along with the classroom instruction, the Exam Cram book and Professor Messer were super helpful in my success. One of the most useful things I did was to take the cheat sheet from the Exam Cram book, and the Professor Messer notes and put them into Anki. I didn’t review them as often as I had planned to, but every other day I would go through the entire deck (300+) to refresh my knowledge. Not only does it keep things fresh in your mind but it will help you focus on what you are weak in and concentrate on those.

My next step is to get my Security+ before the Tech901 job fair at the end of June. This is, of course, secondary to my primary goal of getting into WGU which requires some Straighterline courses and a Udacity Nanodegree. This experience of getting my first educational validation since my High School Degree has boosted my confidence and made me realize I have a shot to accomplish all I set out to do this year.